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Phygital Advantage
constantly rise...
How can you find evolving engagement mechanisms to inspire & retain them?
Our Solution

Phygital, Holistic & Contextually Relevant Engagement

have greater
responsibility to
demonstrate ROI...
How can you deliver a metric-orientated approach proving measurable outcomes?
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Robust suite of Analytics & Machine Learning power.

Choice widens
& Brand Loyalty declines...
How can you motivate consumers when they are most susceptible to influence behaviour?
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A set of loyalty micro-incentive mechanisms linked to context & adaptable in real-time

Creative Agencies
are challenged without technology enablers to deliver
on holistic engagement...
How can you empower your creative partners with the tools to boost experiences & performance?
Our Solution

An Agency interface and toolset to enable fast, integrated phygital experience design.

The rippl Effect™

Our sophisticated method of encouraging, promoting, guiding and incentivising consumers along their journey - from pre to post engagement.Consumers are guided into the Vicinity of a brand space, prompted into Proximity of a brand touch-point and then encouraged to take Action and engage with brand experiences.

Target communication to attract new consumers and increase awareness of your brand or location.

Deliver contextually relevant content and product information to strengthen evaluation.

Incentivise action with micro-incentives, experiences or content to build stronger brand affinity.


The Software-as-a-Service Solution for delivering Omnichannel-enabled Consumer Engagements and Rewards Ecosystems

Using Rippl’s Connected eXperience Platform you can deliver digital, dynamic experiences delivered from digital identifies through the augmentation of physical assets and environments. The modular architecture approach of our cloud-based platform adapts to brand’s ever changing challenges to build richer, more meaningful consumer engagements

VPA (Vicinity, Proximity, Activity) Engagement

Guide, nudge and prompt consumer behaviour in order to intercept their journey at the moment they are most susceptible to take action, connecting lasting, sustainable consumer relationships.

Responsive eXperience Interface (RXI)

Single mobile application (PhygiTM) serves relevant, augmented information based on consumers proximity, the time of day, environmental conditions, or even previous behavioral data.


Shape and motivate consumer behaviour to achieve a specific goal through customizable micro-incentives, served based on brand engagement and consumer or purchase behaviour.

Rich Experience

Easily design, manage and activate dynamic, hyper-personalised user experiences leveraging our Phygital Advantage Playbook, analytics dashboards and integrations to existing systems.

Adaptive Rules

Optimise your consumers’ experiences as well as your commercial results, in real-time, using the power of internal and external data, adaptive machine learning algorithms and highly flexible decision making engine.

Active ID

Digital bulk-provisioning and management of serialized identifies that can be adjusted on demand, changing the content and experience served depending on place, time, and consumer profile.


Gain real-world behavioural insights and capture real-time performance measurements and feedback from your consumers as they engage and interact with your digitally enabled touch points to enhance and improve results.

Scaleable and

GDPR compliant and elastic in design, the platform has the capacity to speed deployment and scale seamlessly, adjusting dynamically to serve businesses big and small, from short campaigns to major cycles.

The ultimate bridge between a brand’s analogue and digital world, enabling a digital interface for any physical asset or environment.

Phygital Advantage
Connected places & things

Triggers connect any physical asset digitally while applied data intelligence enables an engaging new digital layer of content and experiences.

  • Indoor and outdoor navigation, to and through any space.
  • Personalised messaging direct to consumer’s phone or displayed on digital signage screens.
  • Location and time-based offerings presented to consumers’ phones.
  • Digitally enabled products, packaging, posters or any brand asset engaged with via mobile phone.
Phygital Advantage
Phygital world around you

Awareness, engagement and interaction is supported within any environment, based on geolocation technologies able to trigger and serve dynamic experiences on-the-go.

  • Digitally enabled brand signage.
  • Prompted promotions are activated when a consumer walks past a brand space.
  • Products or ingredients traced through the supply chain and information is served to consumers.
  • Location and time-based Geofencing enables virtual pop-ups.
Phygital Advantage
Driving Phygital Loyalty

Through micro-incentive redemption behaviour, support and drive customer or employee centricity, satisfaction, retention and loyalty.

  • Consumers earn rewards by engaging through purchase, content, location and time.
  • Consumers choose from different reward wallets: points, vouchers, tickets, VIP experiences, content, and more.
  • Consumers able to share rewards with friends or family.
Phygital Advantage

Vicinity. Proximity. Activity.

Demystifying The Phygital Advantage™.

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